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»Axios! Ordination of Deacon Daniel Nashed
At the monthly meeting of the Diocese clergy, His Eminence Metropolitan Serapion, accompanied by The ...
»Axios! Ordination of Deacon Daniel Meleka
Today, His Eminence Metropolitan Serapion, accompanied by Their Graces Bishop Abraham and Bishop Kyr ...
»Pastoral Message Concerning Atef Aziz
The Coptic Orthodox hierarchs of North America, including Metropolitan Serapion, have published an i ...

Date published: Tue, 05 Dec 2017 04:20:50 +0000

»Departure of Our Beloved Dr. Tharwat Bassily
Dr. Tharwat Bassily ( September 14, 1940-    December 5, 2017)Founder of CTV channelA former ...
»Welcoming of HG Bishop Angelos to the Archdiocese of North America
On Saturday, November 25, 2017, Bishop Angelos, accompanied by Bishop Karas and Bishop Ermia, ar ...
»Egypt Court sentenced seven ISIS members to death.
On Saturday, an Egyptian court sentenced seven ISIS members to death. They believed that the ...
»Coptic Churches Bells
Coptic Orthodox Church bells will ring across Egypt on Saturday, November 25 at noon. Coptic ...
»Our Church Condemns and Prays For the Attack in the Mosque
Our Coptic Church posted a letter on a Coptic Orthodox Church Spokesperson's Facebook Page w ...
»The Coptic mourns for their Muslim Brothers
At the time of the article was writing, the gunmen opened fire and detonated a bomb a mosque ...
»His Holiness Cancels the Wednesday Meeting
His Holiness apologizes for cancelling the weekly Wednesday meeting for the next couple of weeks ...
»Follow Up with #RedWednesday
Today in England and Philippines, the #RedWednesday second annual event. Our St George in Lo ...
»Our Coptic Heritage in Jeopardy, It Is Our Fault.
Yes, it is our fault. We stop caring about this building that has 18,000 icons, carved stone ...
»Pope Tawadros II, Happy 5th Anniversary
Happy 5th anniversary of the See of St. Mark. Our Coptic Orthodox church blessed with you as ...
»Australian Coptics and Legalizing Gay Marriage in Australia
On Wednesday in Australia, they legalized the same-sex marriage. The issue now what will hap ...
»Bishop Angelos of London and #RedWednessday
Bishop Angelos will make speech front of Westminster Cathedral on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. ...
»The Egyptian’s Court Brought Justice.
The Egyptian court on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, was fair and just. It could be an omen t ...
»Egypt Receives Official Warning from UN Lawyer
Joseph Malak, the lawyer from the UN High Commissioner for minority affairs, sent a warning ...
»Our Church is Growing
Our beloved Pope Tawdoros II ordained ten new bishops and added three more dioceses on Satur ...
»Series of attacks in Egypt targeting Coptic Christians forces churches to close
Egypt has been one of the worst places for Christian persecution in recent months. A series ...
»Decisions and recommendations of the Holy Synod in its session of June 2017
Decisions and recommendations of the Holy Synod in its session of June 2017 First: Decisions 1. ...
»Committee of faith, education and legislation
»A statement on the occasion of the assembly of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church
A statement on the occasion of the assembly of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox ChurchRegu ...
»The Words of HH Pope Tawadros II

Date published: Wed, 06 Dec 2017 00:22:24 +0000
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·St. Joachim and St. Ann (Anna)
St. John Damascene (of Damascus) (645-749)
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St. Joachim and St. Ann (Anna)

by St. John Damascene (of Damascus) (645-749) email the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

Ann was to be the mother of the Virgin Mother of God, and hence nature did not dare to anticipate the flowering of grace. Thus nature remained sterile, until grace produced its fruit. For she who was to be born had to be a first born daughter, since she would be the mother of the first-born of all creation, in whom all things are held together.

Joachim and Ann, how blessed a couple! All creation is indebted to you. For at your hands the Creator was offered a gift excelling all other gifts: a chaste mother, who alone was worthy of him.
And so rejoice, Anna, that you were sterile and have not borne children; break forth into shouts, you who have not given birth. Rejoice, Joachim, because from your daughter a child is born for us, a son is given us, whose name is Messenger of great counsel and universal salvation, mighty God. For this child is God.
Joachim and Ann, how blessed and spotless a couple! You will be known by the fruit you have born, as the Lord says: By their fruits you will know them. The conduct of your life pleased God and was worthy of your daughter. For by the chaste and holy life you led together, you have fashioned a jewel of virginity: she who remained a virgin before, during and after giving birth. She alone for all time would maintain her virginity in mind and soul as well as in body.
Joachim and Ann, how chaste a couple! While safeguarding the chastity prescribed by the law of nature, you achieved with God’s help something which transcends nature in giving the world the Virgin Mother of God as your daughter. While leading a devout and holy life in your human nature, you gave birth to a daughter nobler than the angels, whose queen she now is. Girl of utter beauty and delight, daughter of Adam and mother of God, blessed the loins and blessed the womb from which you come! Blessed the arms that carried you, and blessed your parents’ lips, which you were allowed to cover with chaste kisses, ever maintaining your virginity. Rejoice in God, all the earth. Sing, exult and sing hymns. Raise your voice, raise it and not be afraid.